backpacking for beginners

Friday, September 18, 2009

Read about how it feels to be backpacking in the middle of the wilderness with just yourself and your thoughts. Beginners who haven't gone backpacking yet are missing out.

Backpacking for Beginners

Author: Amanda Kiefer

If this is your very first adventure into the unknown world of backpacking , get excited. You will shortly embark on one of the best experiences of your life. Great authors like Thoreau and Emerson advocated the simple an natural existence that backpacking provides, but why? What is it about this activity that influenced them so strongly? Let's explore a few of the reasons people love backpacking so much. It offers a unique view of nature. Ultimately when you are backpacking, it shows you see how indifferent nature is to your presence. Whatever you do, you cannot change the weather, or the sunset. You realize just how small you are compared to the world. This perspective helps you clear your mind and appreciate the value of life. You get to see something special. Backpacking permits you to go deeper into a park or recreation area, it frees you from the crowds and lets you go beyond the tourist level. You can see wilderness undisturbed and appreciate the beauty and value of nature in its undisturbed form. You can appreciate the quiet. In the wilderness you can get away from the relentless noise and bustle of city life. Away from the stresses and speed of motorized transport and technology, you can appreciate the real essence and nature of life. It offers a chance to realize that life isn't really about e-mails and twitter, but the serene and beautiful experiences of sight, smell, and sound. You can escape the stress. Getting away is one of the purposes of every vacation right?But how often do you go somewhere that you literally cannot check your e-mail. It might not seemlike it at first, but sometimes getting outside the 3G network is a wonderful idea. Feel accomplished. Remember when your mom told you that if it wasn't hard it wasn't worth doing? She was right. After living in the wilderness with next to nothing, you will feel accomplished and gain a sense of independence. Just yourself and a backpack in the great outdoors is an amazing experience.

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