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Poland is acountry in Europe, worthy of visiting by any serious traveller.
Poland - a place to visit
Author: Martin
Poland Poland is a country in Eastern and Central Europe with about 40 million people. I would describe it's people as a hard-working nation, being well on the way to future success. It has also a good position geographically - the middle of Europe is a good place to be located, right. I think it will regain it's past fame and glory, it just needs some reinforcements from outside, as well. Some good things you will observe when you go there: 1. Historical places, such as old cities, towns and arhitecture. 2. Religous people, so if you go for easy girls, that may not work out always. At least not with the good looking ones. 3. Old time traditions. Polish people will stick to their old ways, while also learning about new things constantly. 4. People like certain interesting foods. Check out their national cuisine! 5. People have large families and close bonds. They are really social as well. 6. They have interesting names for themselves. The young people take care to educate themselves well and go abroad for work, then earn money and come back and invest to develop their home-country. This is all good, because it keeps the trends upwards. I think Poland is on it's way to future well-ness and prosperity. Poland has many attractions, as well. It's not just a boring European country to visit. It has many advantages going for it. Like the ones I mentioned already and some others as well. Consider this: - how you would like to be surrounded by 1000 year old arhitecture - how would you like to be among some of the hardest working people - how you would like to visit some of the greatest churches and cathedrals in existance? - etc. There are numerous bonuses visiting Poland, so why not go there on your next [European] trip?
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